We are pleased to share that Dr. Dweck spoke at TEDxNorrkoping in Sweden!  In this November 2014 talk, Dr. Dweck discusses a growth mindset and the power of "yet" in schools.

Read a short exerpt from her talk below!



"So let's talk about equality. In our country, there are groups of students who chronically underperform,for example, children in inner cities, or children on Native American reservations. And they've done so poorly for so long that many people think it's inevitable. But when educators create growth mindset classrooms steeped in "yet", equality happens. And here are just a few examples:

In one year, a kindergarten class in Harlem, New York scored in the 95th percentile on the National Achievement Test. Many of those kids could not hold a pencil when they arrived at school. In one year, fourth grade students in the South Bronx, way behind, became the number one fourth grade class in the state of New York on the state math test. In a year to a year-and-a-half, Native American students in a school on a reservation went from the bottom of their district to the top, and that district included affluent sections of Seattle. So the native kids outdid the Microsoft kids."

Watch it here