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From Theory to Practice Issue #3, July 2011

The Growth Mindset Newsletter

Hi there!

Here at Mindset Works, we value learning and growing and we are committed to doing so.

In our last newsletter, Lorraine Davies mentioned that through getting to know her students’ backgrounds and challenges, she was better able to support them in cultivating and practicing a growth mindset.

With this spirit in mind, we’d love to learn more about your challenges and how we can make this newsletter a better tool to support you in instilling a growth mindset. After you’ve read the articles, please either comment at the bottom of the articles or email us at newsletter@brainology.us with any suggestions and ideas for improvements.

We hope you are having a wonderful summer!

The Mindset Works Team


Mindset in Action: Jennifer Maichin on how the growth mindset helps classroom management

Carol Dweck receives award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution

GO High School!

Do you have a Northern Star? Eduardo Briceño on pursuing a life purpose

Contest: Results & Next Contest


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Mindset in Action

The end of classroom management issues

Jennifer Maichin

Jennifer Maichin, from Mineola Middle School, NY, shares her experience, tips and classroom activities to introduce students to the growth mindset

I always wanted to teach. I dreamed of inspiring and empowering every student who entered my classroom. I imagined all students walking into school highly motivated and eager to learn. Reality of course was different. Mindset not only helped me manage my class effectively, but also reminded me why I wanted to become a teacher in the first place.

For the past 16 years, I have had the privilege of spending my school days teaching 11 through 14 year olds with learning challenges. These students are interesting and unique and, yes, they are challenging to teach. People sometimes ask me: “How do you do it? Do you feel successful? Do you feel like you actually get through to them? What motivates them? What is the best way to engage them and get them to want to learn? Why bother? They don't listen anyway...”

How, then, do I get through to them?




Growth Mindset News and Tips

Carol Dweck Receives Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award

Carol Dweck The American Psychological Association is honoring Carol Dweck with the 2011 APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award. "For her insightful research and incisive theorizing concerning perceptions and interpretations of success and failure across many domains of human endeavor, but especially in the realm of academic achievement." The citation goes on to praise her innovative and elegant experimental paradigms, her wide theoretical net, and her clever and effective strategies for promoting students' motivation.

Go High School! New implementation guide is now live!

Following your collective feedback, we've launched the new implementation guide for high school to support you in introducing Brainology and Mindset lessons to your students. Thanks to all the educators who have collaborated with us, shared their insights and helped create this valuable resource!

Get access to the Go High School Guide!

Eduardo Briceño
Do you have a Northern Star or are you a Drunken Sailor?

Eduardo Briceño, CEO and Co-Founder at Mindset Works, on pursuing a life purpose

As we navigate through life, we can either travel purposely in our desired direction or we can surrender to the winds like a drunken sailor.

If we simply go with the flow and let the currents take us where they may, we may not like the place where we end up. We may arrive decades from now at a place full of regrets. And if there are important challenges in the way that we, as a society, we lead our lives, prepare future generations, and take care of ourselves and loved ones, then going with the flow may not lead us to a place that we like.

Are you letting the wind and currents take you where they may, or do you have a Northern Star?


The Growth Minded Educator Contest

The Growth Minded Educator Contest is our way of capturing and sharing collective learning and recognizing the efforts that educators have put into instilling and cultivating a Growth Mindset environment. This month’s question would also help you reflect on your targeted practices for next year.

June 2011 contest results:

The Growth Minded Educator of June 2011 is... Marilyn Gammon! Congratulations Marilyn! In her winning entry, Marilyn answered the contest question, "What techniques do you use so that your students or kids don’t lose ground over the summer?":

In preparing my Grade 4 students for summer, I took several steps:

1. I took my class to the public library in June. They met with the librarian who explained the summer programs and other opportunities to them. We sent home information about applying for library cards. As a result of this visit 3 kids obtained new library cards.

2. We developed summer plans (charts with pics) in the following areas:

Head - things that they planned to learn about
Hands - things that they planned to create
Feet - movement activities
Heart - ways to build empathy and understanding

Marilyn teaches at David Hoy Elementary School in Fort St. James, BC, Canada.

Mindset Works comment: We encourage parents and summer youth programs to incorporate Mrs. Gammon’s ideas during the summer! If you do so, please share how it goes.

Enter the next Growth Minded Educator Contest

All entrants have a chance to win an autographed copy of Carol Dweck's book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success!


Contest Question: What techniques are you planning to use to increase student motivation during the next school year?. Please share at least one classroom activity that you are planning to use. (Suggested length: 150 words or less)

Email your answers to newsletter@brainology.us by August 31st, 2011. We’ll review each answer and announce the winning Growth Minded Educator in the following newsletter.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please post a comment or email us at newsletter@brainology.us


Do you have something to say?

Write comments at the bottom of any of the articles, and if you have more to say, consider writing a guest blog/newsletter post. Email us at newsletter@brainology.us to let us know of your guest post idea.

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