Mindset Works® is excited to announce that we have created another new group activity designed to help students practice, learn, and reinforce growth mindset concepts in a fun and interactive way: the Mindset Works Bingo Game! And best of all, it’s free!

In the “Mindset Works Bingo” game, students review core concepts and ideas straight from the Brainology student curriculum. In groups, pairs or individually, students test their understanding of the growth mindset, how the brain works and learns, and effective study strategies. (Grades 4-12.)

Link to Brainology Bingo PDF

You can find our previous free downloadable games HERE (“Brainology Hot Potato” and “Brainology Popcorn”)

We hope you'll enjoy the brain-games. If you try them, let us know how it went and how your students liked them.

For more information, please visit www.mindsetworks.com or contact us at info@mindsetworks.com.