"In a growth mindset, you are focused every day by your growth, not deterred by challenges and not overwhelmed by accomplishments--you're just moving on to the next day." -Brad Stevens

Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens is no stranger to success. In 2013, Stevens was named Boston Celtics' head basketball coach, leading one of the most storied franchises in American professional sports. Stevens is an avid proponent of using a growth mindset while coaching his players. About the time Stevens began coaching at Butler University (2007-13), he was given Mindset as a gift. Ever since his initial reading, Stevens says Dr. Carol Dweck's work has influenced him as a coach, a father, and a person. He says, "Regardless of what happens today, [that] should not affect how you approach tomorrow."

As a parent, he explains, "We all want to talk about. 'Wow, that was a great A on your paper...I really want my kids (and I don't know that they are, I hope they become this...) to not be afraid of mistakes. Not only willing to make one and grow from it, but also excited by the next challenge that is brought to them."

During his tenure at Butler, his Bulldogs competed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Final Four in two consecutive years – a first for the university. Stevens also broke the NCAA record for most wins by a coach in his first three seasons by winning 89 games while losing just 15.

The Celtics have been champions 18 times, the most in National Basketball Association history. Stevens has taken the team from 12th to 7th to 5th place Eastern Conference finishes in his first three years as Celtics coach. Despite having just one All-Star, Stevens' teams have been competitive and earned playoff berths the last two seasons.

In this interview with Mindset Works, Stevens talks about how a growth mindset influenced his life as he embarked on his third year of coaching the Celtics.